Schaliegas: Het Westen te vroeg afgeschreven?

Volgens dit artikel op Project Syndicate wel, en dit dankzij de ‘schaliegasrevolutie’. Hoogleraar Internationale Betrekkingen Anne-Marie Slaughter voorziet in dit artikel zelfs een komende ‘Atlantische Eeuw’, dankzij deze opmerkelijke wending op energiegebied.:

“The United States is rising; Europe is stabilizing; and both are moving closer together. That was the principal message earlier this month at the annual Munich Security Conference (MSC),… The participants come primarily from Europe and the US; indeed, when the conference began in 1963, it was focused entirely on NATO members. This year, however, senior government officials from Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Singapore, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia also joined, an important sign of the times…” Lees verder


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